George Wilhelm - Actor

 George Wilhelm

Height:   5'9"
Weight:   245 Pounds
Eyes:     Brown
Hair:     Salt/Pepper
Voice:    Bass/Baritone


Popcorn Pushers - PILOT Worley Abraham (Principle) Jeremiah Peck,Director
The Paper(ICTV)- 3 episodes Alan Miller, Editor(principle)

Eric Zapakin, Vijay Singh, Sona Ram Directors

Band Greeks Shane's Father/Teddy Roosevelt (Supporting)

Andrea Millares, Director

Life and Death(ICTV)- 2 episodes Middle Aged Sean(supporting)

Chris Krake, Directors

IC-IU:Ithaca College Investigations Unit
(Series Premier)"Two Stars"
Richard Cummings (Principle)

To A Pulp (ICTV)- S01EP02 "The Uprising"
*Finalist - Collegiate Broadcasters Inc. Best Student Production
Professor Perry (cameo)

Nate Breton, Joe Killeen Directors

Following Serling(ICTV)- 3 episodes Professor Beaumont(principle) David Reynolds,David Pilson, Directors
This Week Tonight IRS Agent/ Self (Supporting)

 Jeff Goodwin, Rachel Hastings  Producers

A Book by its Cover Mr. Lang(supporting) Jeff Picarello, Director
*Silver Ace Award - Las Vegas Film Festival
Best Student Film
Mr. Rogers (supporting)

Adam Berley, Director

Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II

"Blood and Fire" part 1

Background, Production Assistant

David Gerrold, Director

Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II

"Blood and Fire" part 2

Background, Production Assistant

David Gerrold, Director

Death of a Salesman Jerry(principle) Charles Cadkin, Director
Damsel Sir Handorn(supporting) Liz Kloczkowski, Producer
John and Kyle Do Everything Judge(supporting) Erich Westfield, Producer
The Art of Adjustment Judge(supporting) Nick Stern, Director
Every Minute Counsellor (supporting) Chessa Mehlman, Producer
Bad Boss Al(principle) Haley Kittel, Producer
The Ingenious Invention of Professor Calamity Senator Stein (supporting) Chris Triggiani, Director
The One and Only Billy Shears Murray(supporting) Dan Vallancourt, Producer
Senses of Humor Man #2(supporting) Jason /Director
Moonlight Shift Taxi Manager(supporting) Marc-Alain Miller
Civil Soldier
*Winner - Best Film - Honey&Buddy Film Festival
Lee (principle) Nick Carraro, Producer
Test of Faith General (principle) Amber Thibault, Director
Stages bartender Emily Melnick, Producer
The Market Congressman Casey (supporting) Nick Carraro, Producer
Who Is Paul Elliot? George Burbank (principle) Endyke, Feminella, Williams, producers
Static Richard (principle) Ethan May, Director
Night Terror Bartender (supporting) John Courtot, Director
Press Play
*3rd Place - Golden Doorknob Awards
Detective(principle) Jeremy Coman, Director
It's Not Me, It's You Gary(principle) Wyatt Cain, Director
*Winner - Best Film - Honey&Buddy Film Festival
Gunsmith (Principle) Meagan Minnaugh, Director
Anonymous Agent Dexter (principle) , Director
Ben Franklin Ben Franklin (principle) Sarah Matte, Director
Always Here Judge Matthews (supporting) Sarah Matte, Director
Eve of Battle King Nathaniel (principle) Scott Leverett,Director
Retailers of Deceit Clark "Cheetah" Washington (principle) Jeremiah Peck,Director
Paid in Pain Chester (principal)

 Jeremiah Peck, Director

Helen, Ben and the Weather William Malloy (supporting) Sam Farhi, Director
The Melding
*Winner - Best Film - Honey&Buddy Film Festival

Vincent Versace, Director

Fresh Meat Richard Fontaine(principle)

Luke Snyder, Director

I Gave Adolf Hitler Syphillis Man 2(principle)

Jason Prescott, Director

Two Plus Two Equals Five The MAN (principle)

 Michael Kmet, Director

Wheeler's Driving School Bob Wheeler(principle)

Travis Johnston, Director

Valley Officer Santoro(supporting)

Adams Collins, Director

Patriotic Danger Jimmy Nielson (supporting)

Matt Shea, Director

Richard Gere Anthony Mann(principle)

Alex Evans, Director

Eating Disorders: the Musical Liza's Dad (Cameo)

Emily Brown, Director

Book of Ages Boss (supporting)

Zack Capp/Erika West, Director

H.P Lovecraft's "Whisperer in Darkness"
Henry Ackeley
Leonard Stonionus, Director
Smashed Veterinarian (supporting) Mike Ellis, Director
OUT! Mr. Sternbank (supporting) Sarah McCullar, Director
No Country for Merry Men Self / King Richard (Cameo) AJ Pinkerton, Director
Blind Stanley (principal)

Matt Ponichtera, Director

Be Nobody Calvin (supporting)

Peter Terlaak Poot, Director

The Devil's Hand Felix (principle)

Matt Chilelli, Director

Small Spaces Todd(supporting)

Katie Campbell, Director

The Academy Darryl's Father(supporting)

Zach Linkow, Director

Tale of Uniontown Lake Officer Murphy (supporting)

Roy Goester, Director

Attention Deficit . . . Psychiatrist (supporting)

Scott Domenick, Jessica Brehler, Directors

Spank the Bank Contestant (principle)

Ruth Vessler, Director

Hush, Little Baby Alcoholic Father (supporting)

Catherine Tingey, Director

Kiss to Kiss (Doc) Restaurant Patron

Mona Lisa Productions (FR)

Green Lights Man on Bus, featured

Robert Lieberman, Director

The Final Stress Background Player

Cornell University

For Love of the Game Day Player (fan w/beer)

Sam Raimi, Director (NYC)

The Cradle Will Rock Background Player

Tim Robbins, Director (NYC)

The Game of Their Lives
Background Player
David Anspaugh, Director (Wash DC)

the Duke, Gratiano
Gary DeVault, Patrick Rameau, Directors
Twelfth Night
Curio, Ensemble
Holly Adams, Director
The Cactus Flower Harvey Greenfield

Barry Mann, Director

The Fantasticks El Gallo

Ginger Hamilton, Director

The Solid Gold Cadillac Warren Gillie

Judy Benn, Director

The Mikado
Mikado, Ensemble
Dan Booth, Director
The Mikado
Cornell Savoyards
Mame Mr. Upson, Company

Ed McClure, Director

Evita Aristocrat, General (GOU), Worker, Company

Ed McClure, Director

The Nutcracker Parent

Catharine Kyle, Director

Ordinary People Coach Salan

Jonelle Grace, Director

The Humble Heart (Shakers in America) World Premier Martin

Steve Cooper, Composer/Director

You Can't Take It With You Kolenkov

Steve Stickles, Director

The Lost World Announcer, Angus McArdle

Larry Winder, Director

The World of Carl Sandburg Readers Theatre

Elizabeth Corcoran, Director

Fiddler on the Roof Nachum, the Beggar

Pat Foti, Director

Fiddler on the Roof Mordcha, the Innkeeper

Brett Smock, Director

Jesus Christ Superstar Caiaphas U/S (8 perf), Priest, Apostle

Joe Lotitio, Director

Jesus Christ Superstar Caiaphas, Apostle, Ensemble

Don Whitman, Director

HMS Pinafore Chorus

Tom Hischak, Director

The Unsinkable Molly Brown Broderick, Passenger, Chorus

Dan Tursi, Director

Bent Passenger, Prisoner
(makeup effects designer)

Steven Galaida, Director

Life and Death(ICTV)- 2 episodes Middle Aged Sean(supporting)

Chris Krake, Directors

The Garden Priest/Narrator Coleman Gladys, Director
Band Greeks Teddy Roosevelt Andrea Millares, Director
200 Comfort Rd. Grandpa Cory Tomascoff, Director
H.P Lovecraft's "Whisperer in Darkness" Henry Ackeley Leonard Stonionus, Director
Speakeasy Tony

Jon Lyga, Director

Broadway ... the Revue Soloist: Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables, Guys and Dolls

Ithaca College Summer Theatre Ithaca, NY

Savoyards at Cornell Soloist: HMS Pinafore Pirates of Penzance

Ithaca Festival Ithaca, NY

Evening of Cole Porter Chorus: Binghamton Philharmonic, John Covelli, Conductor

Forum Theatre Binghamton, NY

Savoyards at Cornell Chorus: The Mikado

Ithaca Festival Ithaca, NY

Childrens' Theatre
Montessori Childrens' Theatre Ithaca, NY
The Wizard of OZ Makeup Designer, Makeup Artist

Wardrobe Consultant, Assistant Costumer

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat Makeup Designer, Makeup Artist

Wardrobe Consultant, Assistant Costumer

Annie Makeup Designer, Makeup Effects Artist

Wardrobe Consultant, Assistant Costumer

Peter Pan Makeup Designer

Wardrobe Assistant

Oliver Makeup Designer, Makeup Effects Artist

Assistant Costumer

Other Activities
Star Trek: New Voyages/Phase II

Enemy: Starfleet

Production Assistant

Ben Tolpin, Director

Blue Ribbon Panel Judge (Emmy Awards) National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Public Service Announcements/ Community Service

Board of Directors Cornell University Savoyards

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Production Coordinator Cornell University Savoyards

Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

Lead/ Baritone Ithaca Mens Barbershop Chorus

Ithaca, NY

Onstage Demonstration Model Clairol International/ Sally Beauty

Syracuse, NY

Makeup Supervisor Make A Wish Foundation fund raiser

Syracuse, NY

Musical Voice : Maestro Richard Blanksten (New York City)
Musical Voice : Don Brown Ithaca College (Ithaca, NY)
Stanislavski : Surinder Sidhu (Bombay, New Delhi, India)
Strasberg Techniques : Ron Tracy


Dialects (Standard British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, Russian, Israeli, Metro NYC, American Southern); Fluent in English, Russian, some German; Stunts(hand to hand, pratfalls, basic Martial arts); Car/License (car, truck); Acoustic 6 string Guitar, computer, light board.

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